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June will mark the 40th show!! Host Regina Mustafa will sit down with guest Brian Faloon, social activist, Director of the Rochester International Association, and atheist. Native of Belfast, Brian will share his unique experiences of where the lines of politics and religion cross and what that means for people living in the U.S. today in our turbulent political climate. Can atheism and religion both be the solutions?

More about Brian:

"Grew up in Belfast through the worst of the conflict there, which started in 1968/9. Formed a band called Stiff Little Fingers with some friends from school and made significant records, singing about the conflict. Our album is 40 years old this year and was the first independent album to make the U.K. Charts. I continued to play music up until recently, including playing at Minneapolis Fringe last year.
My main activism started when I moved back to Belfast in the late 1990s. . I formed Love Music Hate Racism in response to increasing racist attaching in Belfast, particularly in relation to the Roma, but also to the increasing African and Muslim communities. I became involved with a small but active group called Counterfire. I stood for the local parliamentary elections in 2011 for a socialist group called Prople before Profit.
I have been an atheist for longer than I can remember. The catalyst probably being reading French existentialist literature at school, but also my friends and acquaintances were not church-going types!
In Rochester, I joined the Rochester International Association as a World Festival participant, Board Member and now President. I have formed Love Music Hate Racism Mn, been active in making connections in the community with Muslim community, social justice, education and racial justice activists and groups. I have worked with the Rochester Library on a number of movie series and organized a V-Day event in support of Eve Ensler's movement to stop gender violence."

The Faith Talk Show is about creating a safe environment for religious dialogue and education while providing entertainment in a true "talk show" format. Each FTS focuses on the guest(s) and her/his religious or spiritual tradition. The show was created and hosted by Regina Mustafa.

FTS is open to the public and live-streamed through the City of Rochester Media webpage:

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