Community Interfaith Dialogue on  Islam
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Join us at the Rochester Public Library auditorium for an evening of learning about Islam, meeting neighbors, and sharing your tradition! Too often those who hate Islam and Muslims are the ones telling the story. We are telling our own stories and sharing our own narratives! Come and get to know more about your Muslim neighbor and share something about yourself!
In light of anti-Islam talks occurring on the same day as this event outside of Rochester, we offer this event as a peaceful and educational way of combating fear and hate.
Regina Mustafa, Naima Yusuf, and other speakers will offer information on the basics of Islam and shed light on the common misconceptions.
Regina Mustafa is also a certified speaker with the Islamic Resource Group (IRG) of Minnesota.
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Hijab for a Day debuted on September 14, 2016 at the Rochester Civic Theatre

CIDI founder Regina Mustafa was invited to speak at Rochester Community and Technical College.

This event is in partnership with the Rochester Public Library and Islamic Resource Group (IRG) of Minnesota.

being muslim: a practical guide

March 25    Rochester Art Center

Thank you to all who came to Being Muslim: A Practical Guide on March 25th at the Rochester Art Center!

Over 225 people attended and was well-received!

Big thanks to all the actors, artists and poets who made the event possible. This was indeed a community effort!

Also, thanks to:

Rochester Art Center

Layali Desserts

Reviving Islamic Sisterhood of Empowerment (RISE)

TPT Minneapolis Public TV

Diversity Council of Rochester

Sen. Al Franken

Young Muslim Sisters (YMS)

Rochester 4 Justice

On November 3rd 2015 CIDI, along with the Sierra Club, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, and the Muslim Student Association of UMR presented Interfaith Climate Change: From Faith to Action.

Say "no" to Fear -

Understanding islam & your muslim neighbor

Dr. Jonathan Brown (Georgetown University and author of Misquoting Muhammad) presents Shariah Explained on May 30th, 2015 at the Rochester Public Library.  The event was organized by Islamic Resource Group (IRG) and CIDI.

Faith Talk Show: A Tale of Two Christians

Wendell Amstutz (left) and Paul Larson chat up faith with host Regina Mustafa during the kick-off show, December 3, 2014


Interfaith Call for Tolerance: ISIS is Not Islam September 22, 2014, Calvary Episcopal Church


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