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Crossroads is a new partnership program with the Rochester Public Library and created by Nasra Jimale, LGSW, MSW and Regina Mustafa, MS. The overall goal of Crossroads is to provide a safe and welcoming space for all, and to build self-efficacy, overall awareness of addictions, and the stigma surrounding it. Another goal is to engage our youth and provide them with leadership opportunities and helping them to take ownership of what is affecting so many in our community. Members of Rochester and surrounding area youth are invited to work with Regina Mustafa and Nasra Jimale to plan and facilitate a future session. Hopefully this participation from our youth can be used towards school credit, school projects and resume building. Crossroads can also help unite area non-profits and organizations. We hope to work with professionals in the field of addictions and mental health! Fill out the form below or email if you would like to be part of this program!

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launch date: thursday, june 20  6:30PM Rochester public library

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