Thursday, June 20 6:30PM

Rochester Public Library

June 20th Session:

About Crossroads

Crossroads is a new partnership program with the Rochester Public Library and created by Nasra Jimale, LGSW, MSW and Regina Mustafa, MS. The goal of Crossroads is to create awareness of the stigma of addiction and mental health, especially within the local Muslim community. Another goal is to engage community  youth and provide them with leadership opportunities. Members of Rochester and surrounding area youth are invited to work with Regina Mustafa and Nasra Jimale to plan and facilitate a Crossroads session.

Although Crossroads is open to all, the content will focus on addiction within the local Muslim community. Stigma affects us all. That stigma is  more significant within the Muslim community. Crossroads hopes to educate Muslim families on how addiction works, predispositions, and how to connect loved ones with the treatment they need.

Crossroads can also help unite area non-profits and organizations. We hope to work with professionals in the field of addictions and mental health! Fill out the form below or email

6:30  - 6:45  Welcome (Nasra & Regina)

6:45 - 7:15   What are the barriers to treatment?  (Dr. Mitch Moore, PhD, LADC)

7:15 - 7:30  Personal Stories (Bryan Bachman)

7:30 - 8:00  Group Discussion*  (Participation is optional.)

*The group discussion will not be live-streamed.

How can Crossroads help you?

Dr. Mitch Moore, PhD, LADC

Crossroads creators

Nasra Jimale & Regina Mustafa