"Her passion and energy are unwavering."


Crossing #30- people of hope lutheran

Crossing #29- gloria dei lutheran church

CIDI aims to step foot in as many places of worship as possible in Rochester and beyond.  The purpose of Bridges is to observe the practices of our neighbors in order to gain sound knowledge of their religious traditions.   CIDI will demonstrate the true acceptance of Islam and encourage all those of faith to take pride in their beliefs.

"All are welcome in this place."


                                                     Community Interfaith Dialogue on  Islam
                              ​                                                     Serving Rochester, MN                           


CROSSING #28 - christ's church of the jesus hour

"I am delighted to see a cafe-style area adjacent to the sanctuary."

Project cidi

One of the goals of CIDI is not only to educate, but also to be educated. 

Crossing #31- Sikh worship service   


Held at Good Shepard Lutheran Church, Rochester

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