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The idea of CIDI came as a reaction to the horrific crimes of ISIS/IS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

September 28 - Project CIDI Bridges kicks off in observing the practices of area faith communities.

December 3 - Debut of the Faith Talk Show: Where Religions Meet

January 22 - Regina Mustafa, founder of CIDI, was awarded the Champion of Diversity Award from the Diversity Council of Rochester.

February 1 - CIDI Reflections issue 1 debuts as part of the monthly newsletter

December 4 - Founder Regina Mustafa was awarded the Building Bridges Award from the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

April - Regina Mustafa, along with Pam Whitfield and Dawn Sanborn, were awarded the Rochester Downtown Alliance stART-up Grant.

May - along with local activist Danielle Teal, CIDI raised over $5,500 for NuDay Syria to help the internally displaced refugees in Syria.

November - Regina Mustafa was honored with the Rising Champion of Diversity Award by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) MN Chapter.

December - Regina Mustafa was the recipient of the 2016 Mayor's Medal of Honor Award from the City of Rochester, MN

March - Being Muslim: A Practical Guide launches at the Rochester Art Center






"My inspiration comes from my children.  I want a better future for them, a future where they can proudly hold their heads up high as Muslims and Americans.  Since 9/11, Muslims in the US have faced prejudice and being misrepresented in the media.  The only way we can confront falsehood and negativity is to reach out to our neighbors and be active members of our society.  Americans, and especially Minnesotans, are really warmhearted and open-minded people.  Being a native of Philadelphia, I have grown to love my city of Rochester.  If we want a more promising future for our children, we must engage in interfaith dialogue.  Rochester has the strength and character to make this happen."

                                                        - Regina Mustafa

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CIDI'S mission is to foster interfaith dialogue and promote opportunities for multi-religious and spiritual education for the purpose of peace.

Our community of Rochester, MN needs reliable and easily accessible information on Islam.
In light of the rising tide of Islamophobia as well as militant extremists, it is crucial to provide educational opportunities on what Islam truly teaches.  But the flow of information must go both ways.  We all should strive to understand "the other" more clearly.  CIDI is an interfaith dialogue organization proactively providing fresh ways of crossing the bridges that already exist.  The justice, peace, and acceptance of Islam can and does benefit our society.
With the help of CIDI, the people of Rochester, MN stand together to say extremists do NOT represent any faith!
CIDI is a n0n-profit organization serving the interfaith needs of Rochester, MN and beyond.

special thanks

I must thank the members of the Rochester Muslim Community Circle (RMCC) for being brave enough to let this often loud-mouthed east-coast girl participate in so many of their outreach activities.  God willing I hope to continue working with you.

THANK YOU, Council on American-Islamic Relations for being a source of inspiration and support for CIDI's efforts.

THANK YOU, to the members of Rochester's various faith groups, organizations, and public officials for continuing to show your gratitude and support.

THANK YOU, Stacy Pierce, for your time and effort with the CIDI logo design!

Regina Mustafa

Founder & executive director